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Hello, my name is Alex. Being an empath makes me a great spiritual life coach and relationship specialist. Allow me to help guide you through any emotional concerns and help you find solutions. I don’t require much information but your name and date of birth.

Allow me to advice you on present and future love relationships. My readings will help you make decisions on whether you should break it off or hang on to that special someone in your life.

Specializing in love readings and coaching you through difficult decisions, life events, stress. I stand out from other readers because I have a strong connection with my clients. No b.s. and will not give you no the run around. Fast typist.

My main objective is to provide you with the answers that you seek. Let my reviews speak for themselves!!

In order for you to receive the best answers possible, I do require a $20 minimum to give us enough time to resolve your questions. Thank you. -Alex

(No free readings, no refunds)

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Coming from a very gifted family of readers and healers, has given me the opportunity of being around gifted individuals my whole life. This has helped me to provide my clients with accurate and insightful readings. I do not require any information, but names and dates of birth.

I have been taking quite a few classes and trained under very gifted individuals. I specialize in readings and divination.

Allow me to provide you with the answers you seek.

My spirit guides, angel guides, and I have also been working together for a few years now. We have a very strong spiritual connection.


-Love guidance and relationship specialist

-Sound healing


-Spiritual life coach

-Reader both online and off line

-Gifted Empath

-Meditation/Chakra Alignment

-Usui Reiki Practitioner

-Tarot Reader

I have worked with all sorts of individuals from all types of backgrounds.

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Languages: English

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10 Sep 2020 excellent ranking froggiegirl80

Thank you for not sugar coating anything. I adore you.

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22 Jul 2020 excellent ranking meosha98

The best psychic ever I’m amazed everytime

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18 Jul 2020 excellent ranking hopefulsha

Always on point. Never disappoints. Thank you so much for your insight and being very encouraging.

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15 Jul 2020 unsatisfactory ranking famouspaint

EXCELLENT. Realistic and no sugar-coating. I will be back! EDIT: unfortunately I changed my rating. Alex claimed that my POI was talking to "several" other women and that I wouldn't hear from him until the end of the month. Neither turned out to be the case. The women he was talking to, as I found out yesterday when he saw me in person (he dropped by) were female relatives and married/spoken for friends and the comments weren't inappropriate or with "flirtatious" intent. I came to Alex because my regular psychic is on vacation. I shouldn't have done that. I think I need to take a break as well from the site and let things play out naturally. All going to different psychics is doing is causing confusion, especially when one is so different from the other. I apologize for changing my rating but I can't in good faith keep it as was and mislead others. Thank you for your time.

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15 Jul 2020 excellent ranking ardenbebe (unregistered)

Thank you for the reading!!! I reallly appreciate it

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