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❤️$10. 15 Mins Or 2 Q's⭐️Save YOUR RELATIONSHIP.GAIN TRUST♥Dose HE/SHE Love Only You ❤️ Wasting time? Ex"OnYour Mind?Time 4 A new Chapter in Life? Want to mend Relationship-Call ONLY If U want the truth!Sorry*NO*free Advise/Readings.PayPer min!NO REFUND


KNOW AHEAD WHAT IS/WHY IT IS?HOW IT CAN BE,5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️S Known Clairvoyant Medium Reader & Advisor/Life COACH.Will give Insight.No matter how harsh it may be.NO Sugar Coating!Completely Honest!On Relationship-Marriage-Blockages Friend/Foe’s-Business-Career/Past life Readings.I’ll help you with Ex’lover/Ex’spouse/Family interfering-Break’ups-Battered Relationship.Family/ Friends.Life go’s on I can help you move on as well.It makes life better & easy when you talk with others that don’t judge you.Hows your Chakra/Aura?Psychic/Spiritual Counseling. Natural by Birth 7th generation Psychic & spiritual Advisor, PSYCHIC able to Give you every Detail and Insight.Wiz A NAME People call me because my readings are detailed for each specific person I always focus on exactly what is happening in your life & let you know exactly what I see happening next I can answer questions related I receive psychic information as soon as I Shuffle my cards!CALL ME ONLY 4 THE TRUTH PLEASE.IF YOUR UPSET AND DONT WANT TO HEAR,DONT CALL ME

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❤️(1)KNOW,THEIR TRUE FEELINGS ❤️ THOUGHTS OF YOU/RELATIONSHIP-INTENTIONS-SECRETS-WANTS/DON’T WANTS (2)RELATIONSHIP/LOVE READING:Looks into Love Only(3)VIBES/ENERGY/READING:Energy reading Helps connect into your spiritual world Abilities/Connections,Have Experience/ Explore with them deeper/further with your higher spiritual Guides get in touch with them.Also connects with your spirit guides in ways to be aware of blocks-negatives and positive outcome (4)TAROT CARD:The Full Deck for see’s N helps read Your Past Present Future!As it WasIsAnd will be.I’m a Mentor/Coach/Advisor/The One to be very honest with you no matter what it may be!To help you to let go a relationship or help you in ways to mend it,to make it better or to rebuilt it,if it can be.LIVE LIFE ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS,LET GO THE ONES THAT MAKE YOUR LIFE SO UNBALANCED.MAKE NEW CHOICES FOR YOUR SELF,MAKE NEW CHANGES THAT ARE IN ALL POSITIVE WAYS.LOOK FORWARD,BE HAPPY by being honest with your self to know the truth and dont live in your own lie’s


❤️I’ve Been on bitwine since 2012-Many other online sites:let me help you and give you clarity. I ask in return is for callers/clients to listen to the advice they ask for and trust in their own ability to make decisions and remember that they hold their own destiny in their hands. I cannot tell someone what to do, but I can tell them what each choice can bring to them. Free will plays a big part in every reading and this is why I NEVER give specific timing or dates.Every one has their own free will to make changes to their paths and this can change the timing of a reading to come to pass sooner or to delay.Nobody is in charge of timing but we all have our own free will and if you remember that you will be in control and understanding why things happen when they are meant. Bringing clients peace of mind for over years professionally.I can bring you peace of mind too!Just hear the truth as you may all ready know it for your self and hard to Except it.It will help you and set you free,if you want/need Advise,Answers or just someone to talk to I’m here.We are all here for you on bitwine:Look if HE/SHE has you only for a Girlfriend/Boyfriend ON THE SIDE for a short time Or a long time N have their family/kids n all?And you know it from the start or later,YOU should think twice and remember that He/She may not divorce/lose their home/family for you!So you MAY JUST BE THE COMFORT THAT HE or SHE DOSE NOT HAVE AT HOME!IF HE/SHE TELLS YOU I LOVE YOU? REMEMBER THAT LOVE ALONE DOSE NOT CONQUER ALL.YOU BOTH JUST GOT ATTACHED TO EACH OTHER AND TRAINED THE RELATIONSHIP AS IT IS,AND ITs MAYBE ONLY AS IT IS.YES YOU MAY GOT MEMORIES OR INVESTED time TOGETHER,BUT THAT DOSE NOT MEAN HE/SHE WILL LET FAMILY GO FOR YOU!BEING IN DENIAL ABOUT IT WILL NOT HELP YOU FOR YOUR FUTURE AT ALL,OR BEING NAIVE ABOUT THINGS.SO WISE UP AND REMEMBER YOUR FREE WILL YOUR CHOICE TO BE HAPPY/SAD.NO ONE IS MEANT TO BE ALONE NO UNLESS THEY MAKE THAT CHOICE TO SO.CALL ME ONLY IF YOU NEED TO TALK TO SOME ONE?NEED ADVISE?AND WANT/NEED HELP TO LET GO/MEND YOUR MARRIAGE/RELATIONSHIP.MAKE SURE THE CREDIT CARDS ARE YOURS AND YOUR THE OWNER TO MAKE ALL AUTHORIZATIONS.AS THERE WILL NOT BE ANY REFUNDS OF ANY KIND!BEAUSE THE CARD HOLDER WILL HAVE COPY OF YOUR READINGDONT LEAVE BAD REVIEWS JUST BECAUSE YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH OR NOT READY TO HEAR IT or YOUR UPSET SET.DO NOT CALL ME IF YOUR MAD AND YOUR UPSET ON WHAT HE/SHE HAS SAID TO YOU OR MAY HAVE LET YOU GO/WALKED AWAY 2 BE WITH THEIR SPOUSE/THEIR NEW LOVER?or to be ALONE!SO IF YOU WANT TO Chat YOU MUST PAY AND THERE IS NO REFUNDS,I WORK ON BITWINE AND BITWINE IS A BUSINESS AND NEEDS TO GET PAID LIKE ANY OTHER BUSINESS ONLINE,LIKE YOU BUY MERCHENTDISE ON LINE? WELL THAT IS THE SAME ON BITWINE YOU PAY TO CHAT PER MINUTES OR FLAT RATE.NO REFUNDS AT ALL 4 ANY KINDA REASON.I WILL SEND2YOUR BANK WHYALONG/COPY OF READING ★NOTE★Disconnection while chat might be due to Technical Issues (not at all deliberate/intentional).If the chat gets disconnected,Please do Call Me Back before forming any opinion.Thank You

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20 Jun 2015 excellent ranking adine (unregistered)

Awesome awesome this woman is spot on the best !!

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19 Jun 2015 excellent ranking adine (unregistered)

Welcome ty

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18 Jun 2015 unsatisfactory ranking brenda13 (unregistered)

I would have picked Satisfactory but I had to keep asking her to answer my questions...I only want details to the questions that I asked but she went on about past life...sorry I don't believe in that and I don't want $3.99 wasted on that...it totaled $70 but could have been less if she left that crap out. I have to wait until a few months to see if her predications pans out. But I have a strong feeling her "new job" is not correct or she's off on her timing. If she is correct then I'd say she's good but not at $3.99..she didn't give me any details on what the questions that I asked such as my new job. She did about the new man...but of course saying that he'll love me and attracted to me...are not details She told me his hair, eye, and has an M in his name, so that's great! just have to wait and see if a guy comes my way.

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17 Jun 2015 unsatisfactory ranking imaginaryone

I appreciate the extra time you gave, but you never answered my question of Why he was with me. You said one thing, he was bored with his sex life.... and he loves and is happy with her.....then contradicted yourself with he didnt use me.....sorry that makes zero sense. And then to just tell someone "well people come and go" .....really? Thats psychic insight? My own friends wouldn't say that to me be a use it's obviously stupid and insensitive. People want to know WHY... what was the purpose.... spiritual knowledge!!! Sorry this was a very poor reading. You took the facts I gave you and made obvious statements

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17 Jun 2015 excellent ranking adine

Awesome ty so very much

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