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TherapyPsychic: helps on all affairs of life, such as business, health, marriage, and love affairs, one reading will convince you that she can help you in any problem that you may have.

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I am a 4th generation psychic who had been doing professional readings over 35 years.

my actual first reading was at age of 7 years old. i had watched, helped, & assisted my family of psychic’s mostly all my life.

this is what i do best. my readings are very precise & my astrology charts are 99.9 percent in total accuracy.

I am a certified psychic and I have been helping others professionally as a psychic counselor/therapist.

I can show you what you need to do to have brilliant success in matters of money and of the heart.

Your on this site for for a reason! To get ANSWERS! I have them for you Get back on track and on your path. :)

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Astrology: is the study of cycles. By observing the cyclical movements of the planets, we are able to gain a greater understanding of the cycles and patterns in our own lives.

Aura reading: Perception of the energy fields surrounding people, places, and things

Clairvoyance, second sight: Perception outside the known human senses

extrasensory perception (ESP): extrasensory perception: perception or communication outside of normal sensory capability, as in telepathy and clairvoyance.

Precognition: premonition and precognitive dreams – Perception of events before they happen.

Psychokinesis or telekinesis: Manipulation of matter or energy by the power of the mind. Psychometry or psychoscopy: Obtaining information about a person or object

Remote viewing: Gathering of information at a distance.

Retrocognition: Perception of past events.

Telepathy: Transfer of thoughts or emotion


Do you have questions concerning your future? Your lovelife? Your finances? Is he/she faithful? Will i get that job or raise? Is he/she the one?

There is No Reason

To be Frustrated and Confused About Your

Current Situation, Help Is Here.

I Have Helped Thousands

Helped Many Out of Depression Into

Happiness During The Course Of My Life Time

And I Can Help You Too!

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