Transcendent Tarot by Shannon

Love ♥ Relationships ♥ Money ♥ Career ♥ Past Life ♥ Guidance ♥ Planning ♥ Birthday & Year Ahead ♥ Are you on your highest path? Find out with Intuitive Tarot Readings from a Clairvoyant Empath!


For the best, most accurate reading, please only focus on one question at a time.

I am happy to do more than one reading in a sitting however, please plan your time/credit accordingly.


Past/Present/Future of a situation – $10

Week Ahead Tarot Reading – $10

Month Ahead Tarot Reading – $10

Year Ahead Tarot Reading – $15

Love/Relationship Tarot Reading – $20

Career/Money Tarot Reading – $20

Past Life Tarot Reading – $20

Connect with loved ones who have passed through a tarot reading – $20

Connect with your spirit guides through a tarot reading – $20

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:


Minister with the Universal Life Church

Executive Producer of Transcendent Spirit Entertainment, an independent film production company focused on giving a voice to healers and lightworkers

Owner of Lightworkers of North Texas, a Dallas/Fort Worth based networking group of over 1000 members with an emphasis on spiritual self-growth and exploration

Certified 10th generation Reiki/Animal Reiki Master

Member of the International Reiki Association

Certified Master Herbalist

Member of International Alliance of Holisitic Therapists

Intuitive Tarot teacher

Angel and Spirit Guide Coach

Chuck Murphy’s Zero to Psychic Graduate

Psychic Gym’s Intuitive Tarot Graduate

Regular tarot and psychic energy reader at various Dallas/Fort Worth area psychic fairs and wellness expos






The light in me honors the light in you.

If you have found your way here, odds are you are seeking. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for help with a problem, in need of healing, or simply looking for guidance on how to live your best life. You don’t need to look any further.

Being of Cherokee descent, I come from a long line of gifted pyschics and shamans. I have always simply known things I had no way of knowing and seen things others could not. Some of my earliest memories involve using astral projection to help those who needed it.

As I have gotten older, I have discovered a talent for card reading which helps me get to the heart of other people’s problems quickly, allowing me to give them the guidance they need in order to live their best, most prosperous life.

All of my readings and counseling are done with compassion and care for all those involved. You’ll find no judgement here. They are also done with the strictest confidentiality.

It doesn’t matter your problem. I’m here to help.

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