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8:00pm – 10pm (EST) Seven days a week.

David Wood is able to give insight into your love life, financial matters and more. Through the use of the Tarot as a focal point, David will begin to have Clairvoyant images and empathic feelings pertaining to any situation.

David also utilizes a playing card deck learned through his spiritual tradition as well as the pendulum to pick up certain energies or to develop yes and no answers from his spirit guide. His methods are guided by spirit and no reading or method of reading is the same. Each method of reading is as different as each person he reads.

When you begin a reading with David Wood you will feel right at home with his Southern wit and charm. Almost like talking to an old friend who has been around the block a time or two and can have you laughing at any given moment.

David Wood has been a practicing Witch since 1987, mastering many disciplines along the way.

He might even throw in some magickal advice as well. So, stop in for a sp

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While David Wood has always been gifted from a young age, he began his formal training over 20 years ago.

Some of his specialties include the Tarot and Cartomancy (reading with playing cards). David feels that throwing a few cards along with your Tarot reading can bring more detailed visions of your life. Once David starts shuffling the cards, Clairvoyant images and names can often surface.

David also uses the pendulum. While it may seem this merely provides a "yes" or "no" type of answer, it can also be a clarification from spirit on the reading or used to pick up certain energies.

David has also studied some astrology as well within his training as a Black Forest Witch and holds Third Degree, Clan Head status within that Tradition.

In addition, he has added to his already present gifts by studying Spiritism from Ray Malborough. Sometimes messages from the other side have been known to come through in a reading with him.


David Wood began to feel a close connection with spirit in his early years, growing up in the hollows of Eastern Kentucky. For many years he thought the calling to be merely a part of everyday life.

As he began to explore his spiritual life, he read for family and friends around him but also sought training in this area.

In the early 1990’s he left Kentucky with his escalating music career. In the process he delved into more spiritual teachings which honed his skills into the wonderful gifts they are today.

He has read for well over 16 years professionally and has helped many people, not only with their daily lives, but in finding the gifts of spirit within themselves.

Not only has David Wood worked in the world of psychic abilities, but is an established musician. This art of music Spirit has used as a channel through David to express the deeper levels of his training and communicate it to others.

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