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Love Psychic Emma


I was born with psychic gifts and abilities. I am an intuitive empath, which means that I have the ability to see inner visions, as well as the ability to feel the feelings and energies of others.

If you are wondering about something in your life and need insight into the situation to help you make better decisions, or even help making decisions, then you have come to the right place.
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I was born with these abilities but have developed my gifts over time to help better serve all those who have come to me over the years for spiritual help and personal advice. One or more of my gifts will all very quickly have you on your way to feeling empowered and seeing the situation in a brand new light.


I have been giving face-to-face readings for many years and online readings for the past seven. Each time you come to me, you will leave feeling much, much better as I am here to help you and to serve you.

I am your psychic reader, spiritual healer, relationship advisor, and personal counselor. Readings are for entertainment purposes only. Without exception, all clients are responsible for the choices they may choose to make.

If you need medical or legal advice, please seek it out by going to medical or legal professionals.

Reiterating, readings here are for entertainment purposes only, and I am absolutely exempt from any liabilities arising due to any decisions and/or actions taken by her clients at any given time.

Every one of us has been gifted with free will to use when and as we see fit.

My guide ande and I can help guide you as you make those decisions by providing insights into reasons behind actions and/or behaviors, losses, etc., but this is all that ande and I can do.

ande says that only God, himself, has the ability to see when who will and will not use their free will, which can, and actually often does, change time-frames and sometimes even outcomes.

All clients hereby acknowledge that by clicking hire, they are absolutely responsible for any fees incurred and that they have read, understood, and agree with this disclaimer.

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