Divination through Channeling & Cards


Method of My Work: 1. Please give First Name and your question after you enter the room 2. I will at that point understand if i feel a connection or not 3. During reading (no medical or legal guidance is provided, as they are best handled by licensed professionals)

Disclaimer: For legal reasons I have to state that this service is for entertainment purposes only.

Payments & Refunds: No Charge-backs & No Refunds


Come for insight on huge range of issues including:

● Is He Faithful

● When will I be in a Long Term Relationship?

● Is he going to Propose to me?

● Character Analysis! (Is he hiding anything)

● Will he/she come back?

● Long Distance Relationship

● First Time Meet-ups

● After the First-Date

● When will the ex finally leave him alone?

● Will I get a promotion this year?

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Languages: English

Media: Audio Call,

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