Let me use a lifetime of psychic experience to help you find greater clarity and peace of mind, whatever you’re facing. Honest, truthful, and direct. New to Bitwine but have 40+ years experience. Serving registered clients exclusively.

Prepaid Services: $5 simple message from your totem animal: $10 detailed message from your totem animal: $20 Tarot/Oracle Card Session: $25 Channeled Medicine Wheel Reading: $50 Intuitive Energy Body Scan: $50 Spiritual Response Therapy Energy Cleansing: $50 Death Transitions Dream Walk.

Please contact me via live chat/Bitwine message for full details of each service. I have the descriptions stored in a doc so it only takes an instant to copy/paste them into your chat window.

These services are not meant to take the place of medical, legal, or other professional advice, but people who get them, tend to be glad they did.

I will be here whenever I can during posted working hours. Appointments are a recommended win-win!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Bachelor’s of Science degrees in Cultural Geography and Anthropology, cum laude

Owner of a full service metaphysical store with merchandise including healing crystals, books, smudge, Tibetan singing bowls, divination tools, and much more.

Workshop facilitator at psychic fairs, conferences, and pow wows

Non-denominational ordained minister through Haven Church of IL

Coursework completed and certificates obtained include training in Spiritual Response Therapy, Death Transitions Dream Walker, Medical Intuition, Astrology, Karuna and Usui Reiki, and many more.

My truest and best qualification is my connection with Spirit. I’m not a holier-than-thou advisor who lives a more sanitary life than the people I help. I am a real person. I make mistakes, struggle with my temper, and talk like a sailor. I do live a respectful spiritual life and my abilities are real. My connection with Spirit doesn’t depend on dogma, and yours doesn’t either. Selah.


I do my honest best for every client, every time. Kindly remember that the information gleaned at the time the service is provided, is based on the energies of that moment. The results of any session are a portrait, not a promise. Each of us are blessed with free will, and we can use that in the most unexpected ways… there will inevitably be times that the final outcome differs from the most likely potential outcome which was revealed during your session.

By purchasing any service, you are agreeing that you are at least 18, are acting on your own free will, and are giving permission for your energy to be accessed for the purposes of the service you are purchasing.

Here is some feedback I have received for these same services, on other venues:

“It’s like being given a treasure that will last me a long, long time, as it grows with me and I grow with it.” regarding a Medicine Wheel reading.

"Certainly a eye opener and a reading that provided me with vital insights. I would say that this is the most profound reading I have had in a long while. thank you so much" regarding a Past Life message.

"Thank you so much for helping my brother across. I was so nervous that he would be stuck because we were raised Catholic but carry the pipe too (meaning, they also followed their Native American family traditions). I was impressed that you captured his mannerisms and I really felt like he was moving where he needed to go. This gave me a lot of peace and I know (my brother) is at peace too." regarding a Death Transition Dream Walk

"I was soooooo nervous about court but it all happened like you said it would. I can’t believe I was so upset before and even when I had your reading I couldn’t see how things would work out like they did. But it all worked out and I’m very glad you gave me such a good reading." regarding a Tarot/Oracle card session

"Thank you GeminiMoon! You are very kind to send me this to me. I am going to follow it closely in hopes of finding my center, a new direction and peace. Thank you." regarding a Medicine Wheel reading

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