Terry Mitchell

Predictions (Events as I call them) that WILL happen, Intuitive Q&A readings on any subjects using only myself and cleromancy (Dice), Honest, non judgemental & compassionate.



5 Events for $10

10 Events for $40

You can purchase a 10 Min Block of time for $60 or do Per Min for $9.99

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:


10 Events are $85

Per Min is $9.99 Per Min but You can Purchase a Block of Time for $60 which is 10 Mins



I need ONLY Your Real First Name, Orientation (Meaning Are you Straight, Gay?) and confirmation that you have read the FULL disclaimer below, to Prove this I will need a code word, Its RED but of course keep reading

An Event Reading is a VERY BAD CHOICE If you are looking for answers to a specific issue in your Life, Many clients read this and because its cheaper than Q&A go for the events anyways and then complain after, I am warning you now that Events are RANDOM SUBJECTS, They Can seem very TRIVIAL at the time but always are Important or they would not be coming in and while I do often see FIRST Names, The Reading can be VERY VAGUE

Another thing is that quite often I will see Names of People that are NOT in Your life Yet, For example telling you that Bill makes you a romantic dinner and Yet You dont know anyone Named Bill or You are dating Jack..This would indicate Jack will not be around when you are having dinner with Bill? Sometimes Present Names & Circusmtances do come in also, It all depends on what Spirit feels you NEED to know about the Future

Events wont always be happy, If I see you on Your cell phone stepping in front of a bus or about to marry a womanizer, Im going to tell you

Once Read, I cannot look deeper at an Event, so for example, if a name didnt come up, I cant check to see if its so and so

If Events center around other people, For example X and X are going to get married, It WILL Connect to You in some way or it wouldnt come up, Be Patient with How, Earlier I told you that I needed a code word before I would read Events, I actually dont need the word Red, I need the code #91 so Your real First Name, Orientation and that Number

Ok so lastly I do not offer Refunds EVER and If you have any questions about me or my services, Feel Free to Ask questions, Thanks!

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