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Tired of tarot? I can help you by consulting the ancient wisdom of the Runes. The Elder Futhark Runes are a tried and true method of finding out what lies ahead. Much like the tarot, every rune stands for a particular archetype in the human experience. This reliable system is what I use to help my clients. Perhaps as early as the 1st century BC our ancient Germanic ancestors were already using their own written language for divination and magic. Documented evidence proves this!

Along with divination, the Runes can be combined & used as charms for luck, evolution, protection, love, victory, and much more. Ask me about which combination of runes (called bindrunes) can help you in your situation.

Please note: Having a picture of you or the person you are inquiring about helps immensely.

Other services: -Mediumship -Basic meditation visualization, taming the monkey mind -Lucid Dreaming, solving problems via dream work -Simple & effective magic(k) without candles, herbs, other elusive ingredient

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13 Nov 2012 excellent ranking mariah88

She was very in tune....nice person to talk to..she s here to help you thats for sure!i deff recommend!

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