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SCHEDULE: July 8th, Wed, 10:00 pm*ish to 12:00 am Break time: 0 (mountain standard time) USA,


As a Clairvoyant Medium or Claire-Intuit I get images & words from my guides. Integrating highly skilled Tarot interpretations to round it out.


I can accurately access a snapshot of your emotional connections, & outcomes. Being very much like receiving a weather report: with emotional & situational changes.


Clients wanted who will really benefit from my readings are people who are aware that a reading reflects the process of life itself, and are seeking the truth, whether that is good or not so great.


I provide you with information on a question by question basis. The more precise your question, usually the more precise your answer. We craft feeling questions together for greater precision & session time sensitivity.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

My natal chart as a Pisces and the various other placements incline me to have psychic gifts. So I am a natural born psychic and medium.

College studies in Psychology and English literature. My fascination in psychology was with Carl Jung’s archetypal symbolism.

Learned Tarot through Joseph Campbell’s method who was both a psychologist & a mystic. It has been a huge & interesting journey since that point.


PROFESSIONAL READINGS 30 plus years experience.


Happy Hour Discount @ 90 cents per minute. Lock in rates ongoing if going past Happy Hour for that session.

DISCOUNTED PER MIN @ $1.79 with unlimited questions. Example of what you would pay:

10 min session ✶ $17.90 /

15 min session ✶ $26.85 /

20 min session ✶ $35.80 /

Or just go free form without the pre-sets … and go when you feel clarified.


✶One time Intro New clients✶

$10✶10 min ✶ 1 detailed spread (No free minutes with Intro)

FLAT RATE SPECIALS: Upon request only

Seven (7) free minutes are built in to each session:

22 min $17.00 *3 questions /

27 min $22.00 *4 questions /

33 min. $27.00 *5 questions /


Partial refunds only!

Please ask for a Partial Refund while in Session & not via email, as I work with Bitwine & not for Bitwine.

I pay Bitwine a commission, and this commission will be elimanated if you ask for a refund while in session.

Otherwise I am paying for your refund plus a commission to them for nothing. Thank you for understanding.

1. I will give you 50% refund, fair play for your reason, and my efforts.

2. If you go through your bank or paypal after the reading ends & claim that your reading was ‘unauthorized’ or any other reason, expect me to contest it, ok? Fair warning. I have records of all conversations, so I can submit this in a dispute, and will. So just ask in session to save us both heart ache.

3. Reason for the refund: If you say that you didn’t like what I said. Or, that my style of reading doesn’t resonate with you. These reasons are not good for a refund, really … it has to be deeper than that.

My advice is to keep an eye on your own expectations of what you might hope to hear, especially in romance.

Thank you for taking the time to read my profile.

Peace Satya (Kiora)

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01 Jun 2020 unsatisfactory ranking dreadomo

Took my money and I didn’t receive anything

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24 Nov 2019 unsatisfactory ranking Kamille (unregistered)

Strange Strange STRANGE way of reading I’m not sure she was accurate with my situation I just wasted all that time with her and her rules and assessment. If you don’t want to waste 15 minutes of pre questions before reading then you shouldn’t come here. Then when she reads it’s negative wow that was not my guy so sorry I tried her HOLY crap I’m so lost ugh

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18 Oct 2019 unsatisfactory ranking xchristine9

Unfortunately I didnt feel she was connected to me or the situation. I was looking for more detail 3rd eyes reading person not a spread where someone just tell you a bunch of cards names. I had better psyhic. Never again.

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26 Jan 2019 unsatisfactory ranking tinydancer121182

After really getting a chance to look through my chat transcript many things were "way off" & even some things "contradictory". I know you said you went thru the same thing as me a few times before & without disrespecting your privacy I felt like you were projecting what you went thru onto my situation & the reading was more advice driven if anything else. This wasnt really what I was looking for in terms of a reading & I felt there was not a good connection between us which was my concern from the beginning. While my situation is undoubtedly bad your facts were off & not matching to him or my situation. I respectfully request that you Refund my account. Since I know you are a Godly woman & believe you to be an ethical reader. I have faith that you will do the right thing.

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28 Oct 2018 unsatisfactory ranking pumkin (unregistered)

I am not a goddess is something she repeated a few times... She asks a bunch of questions in the beginning to see what kind of client you are...and I told her I ask clarification questions...yet she didn't like when I was asking those later. Also she contradicted herself in the reading saying a person wasn't somewhere when I first asked and then later said he was there. So really, what am I supposed to believe? I don't believe this reader, that's for sure.

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