As a healer and adviser my goal is to not only open your eyes and give you insight into your life or a situation, but to help and guide you through each situation. My readings are straight forward, clear, and honest so that my clients are able to understand what their next steps should be. You may not always hear what you want, but you will know you are getting what you need to know. When coming into a reading you should be ready for truth and reality. I do not sugar coat! Whether you want to know the outcome of a situation or just want truth and closure I can help you. Often we can feel out of control of our own lives. You can feel lost in not being able to see where your current path leads you. Knowing where you are heading in your current path will give you back that control.

My Services Include:

-Energy and Aura Readings

-Tarot Readings

-Dream Analyst

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Clairsentience- With this ability I am able to connect with another and feel their emotions strongly and clearly. With this I am also able to pick up on someones bad intentions. It is not somthing that can be used only to connect with other, but I am also able to connect with strong feelings that were set in a certain location.

Clairvoyance- As long as I can remember I was tapped into this spiritual side of myself and my Third Eye was opened. With this gift I am able to look into peoples paths. This ability is not as simple as others may think. It is not something that is always controlled, even with a lot of experience no clairvoyant can have full control over this ability. At times there is information that can not be shown to us, but other times the information comes without looking for it. I do feel I have conquered this ability and have as much control as I am able to


My abilities have been with me for as long as I can remember. Growing up both my mother and grandmother helped me to understand my gift and have better control of it. Watching how they have helped others helped me to understand how much of a positive impact we can have on other peoples lives. At the age of 15 I started to give readings, but it wasn’t until I was 18 that I started to dedicate my life to helping others and taking full advantage of my gift. I now own my own shop and focus on energy healing and reading with a very satisfied clientele who I continue to offer guidance to this day

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09 Jul 2020 unsatisfactory ranking pay.s

I have had better reading where insights where more factual as per reality and had solutions. I found reading vague and limited. It made me rather very anxious than relieved. Reader did not have foresight.

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31 May 2020 unsatisfactory ranking deli23

So freaking confusing. Contradicted herself. I want a refund.

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11 Aug 2017 unsatisfactory ranking ebik

Dissapointed with this reading. Didn't sugarcoat however i had to repeatedly ask her to answer my questions and even then her answers were not straight forward as claimed in her profile. For eg i asked if we have a future she said it would take a while so not to wait. Yes or no is a straight forward answer. She also stated some things which based on persons previous behaviour didn't ring true at all which makes me question if she was really connected to my situation. She also hung up after i told her i was not satisfied with reading which doesn't say much for her ethics.

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02 Dec 2016 unsatisfactory ranking ninariv1

not entirely true mixed info

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20 Dec 2015 unsatisfactory ranking beautifulbutterfly7

Don't feel like she was connected to my situation. Even though it was a few minutes would like a refund probably not. Maybe just wasn't for me. Nice though

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