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Ask general questions, not yes or no if you ask a yes or no question, obviously this is very closed.If you ask an open question, you’re more likely to get more detail and feelings around your answer which will give yoyou more direction.Don’t get mad if you don’t get the answer you want – obviously some things don’t happen the way you expect, but that’s ok.If you don’t get the answer you’re expecting, don’t get mad about it.It’s best just to accept it for what it is and make the most of the situation.Go in with an open mind your reading could reveal anything and if you go in with an open mind,you’ll be more acceptingfor answer.I work with high level spirit and divine energy to bring true messages to be able to discribe your loved ones from the spirit world and i also able to describe visual things around your love, home, family and work.I can use my telepathic energy to read human feelings, emottions, thoughts and reactions. I use special and sucess methods to heal/re-unit any love & relationship matters.

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If you leave my chat, your time over. If you want another reading, you need to pay again. Dont ask me again If you wrote bad rewiew about me …..!!!


I clean your soul if you claim. I can remove your negative energy and the black magics and the curse. If you feel sick I can send you some energy and heal you far from you. I am able to predict you future and help you to avoid the negative problems. People feel the positive energy which I can send them.

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17 Jun 2018 unsatisfactory ranking eroncherry

She told me my friend died but she had not died was not right information and not right person I dont know who died but was not the person I asked about during the reading and should have not been told she died if she did not as I was very stressed out and crying and upset for days thinking my friend had died.

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02 Mar 2018 unsatisfactory ranking Enma (unregistered)

Worst reading ever! Please dnt contact her she is slow and dies not really say anything it felt like i was leading the reading and being the psychic literally wd spend 3 5 min without saying anything and when she says something its one line with no real info at least thats how i felt lol Please just dnt come here

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29 Dec 2017 unsatisfactory ranking Cass (unregistered)

I would like a refund that was a joke! Not my life at all !!

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30 Nov 2017 unsatisfactory ranking alex223

Wow. ..You change profile and here she is NOT clear on anything. You need to pull information and she protect people who are in BLACK MAGIC DOING. DARK SPIRIT FOR SURE..And will not issue refund..ANSWER to you..He went to ex for money only...Meaning he is BROKE and he doesn't want me but I'm pregnant and mental illness for sure CALLING.YOU...30/BAD REVIEW ON READING. ..WOW

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29 Nov 2017 unsatisfactory ranking cezz32

Sorry didnt feel any connection. Didnt go in to detail At all. I asked so many other psysics about the same question and all of them said the opposite even gaved timeframe, i dont belive all of them are wrong they even told me so detailed things about my situation.

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