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Ask general questions, not yes or no if you ask a yes or no question, obviously this is very closed.If you ask an open question, you’re more likely to get more detail and feelings around your answer which will give yoyou more direction.Don’t get mad if you don’t get the answer you want – obviously some things don’t happen the way you expect, but that’s ok.If you don’t get the answer you’re expecting, don’t get mad about it.It’s best just to accept it for what it is and make the most of the situation.Go in with an open mind your reading could reveal anything and if you go in with an open mind,you’ll be more acceptingfor answer.I work with high level spirit and divine energy to bring true messages to be able to discribe your loved ones from the spirit world and i also able to describe visual things around your love, home, family and work.I can use my telepathic energy to read human feelings, emottions, thoughts and reactions. I use special and sucess methods to heal/re-unit any love & relationship matters.

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If you leave my chat, your time over. If you want another reading, you need to pay again. Dont ask me again If you wrote bad rewiew about me …..!!!


I have been a tarot reader for as long as I can remember. I grew up in a family of incredibly gifted psychics and have honed my ability my entire life. I look towards the greater powers here with us for guidance and can bridge the gap for you between the known and the unknown. I have worked with clientele both online and offline for many years now and have a strong base of incredibly satisfied and repeat customers. I would love to bring you happiness and understanding as well! I am also an empath and receive very strong emotional cues and feelings from people, places and things. I communicate with spirits on a daily level and have a lot of experience with the paranormal.

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