Psychic Life Coach, Holistic & New Age Healer and Tantric Trainer


Wondering when you’ll find "the one"? Have a big decision weighing on your mind? Want to understand on how to better your health? As a psychic life coach, I have provided hundreds of clients with the guidance and answers they needed. You could be next. call or chat with me today!

Aside from being a psychic life coach, I have a long history of experience with new age medicine, holistic healing, sexual and tantric training (for couples), reiki, meditation guidance and readings. I can help you with all kinds of situations and meaningful life changes! I’m here to answer your questions and offer advice from a higher psychic level. So, contact me today!

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Precognitive Dreamer

Healer and Reiki Master

Natural Aura (Psychic Energy Field) Viewer

Tantric Trainer

Holistic Medicine and New Age Avisor


For many years I have been provided hundreds with a better understanding of their life, their body and their mind. I was a born empath, clairsentient, predictive dreamer and clarvoyant. As an adult I decided to use my abilities to help others while also studying and gaining a deep understanding of healing, new age teachings and tantric principles. I have spent 7 years as a holistic and new age advisor, psychic life coach, healer and teacher of tantra. I have just recently decided to offer my services online as a means to reach even more people and help answer whatever questions you may have!

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