I am a love expert and also specialize in life .


I am a true born gifted psychic, I spercial in psychic readings, palm reading, Chakra Balancing, along with helping in aeras of your life such as: Love, marriage, Family, Career, schooling, and much more.

My name is Tatum, I am a Specialist guidance counselor, I am upfront and honest about what I see and feel. I do not feel sugar coating will help you get back on your path in life, I am direct and fast at what I do when it comes to doing readings. I can look not only into your future but also see into your past and tell you why people have hurt you, why you didn’t get that promotion you wanted, and why you been disappointed in life. I can not only help you move on from yesterday but I can also help you move forward in tomorrow

I now offer Meditations readings which help to clear out any blockage of the Chakra ! Message me today for rates!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I had two offices in the state of MA, , I worked in one for over 10 years.The other I wokred in for about two n a half before deciding to have a home office instead, I am about to open a new place soon next month where I’ll work for 6 hours a day. I also have a small office in NH where I work for the whole summer for over 15 years.


With over 15 years of experience I have helped over thousands of people with my psychic abilities

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