About Me: Hello, my name is the Vayutiger. I am a tarot reader and I have been reading cards for 7 years and studying different methods of reading tarot cards for 11 years. I am here to help bring you clarity with the skills I am humbled to have in my life. My goal is to bring you clarity and answer answer any concerns, questions, and discomforting feelings. If you need help I am the reader who can help you out.

Why should you pick me? I have been a long time magi that has invested years into the study of tarot, divination, and energy working, then applying the practice of my art to the real world. I keep things at a practical level in my explanations with clarity. I work on my background, music, and accuracy of readings all the time to satisfy you and work on my craft a little harder. I am humbled to have you as a client and, most of all, a friend. I would not be here if it were not for all of you.

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