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Five Star Rated Tarot Reader!!! I provide in-depth readings, using the Tarot as my guide, combined with my psychic interpretations, which are also used to confirm our connection – So, relax, be open, be ready, be honest! With yourself & with me.

Remember – This is YOUR reading! You control the direction, the subject matter, and you ask the questions. The more involved you are in your own reading, the better it will be. The more open you are to receiving the information, the stronger the connection! Never start a reading with doubts – e.g., don’t start off by saying something like "most readers can’t pick up anything on this person, so you probably can’t either" and don’t ever dismiss your own intuitive thoughts or feelings about someone or something. When your subconscious speaks, I’M listening!! So, why aren’t you? I can help you to understand what you’ve picked up on,& guide you toward the best possible path for you to take!

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CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

3rd year Student of the Kaballah, following the teachings of Rav Berg @ "The Kaballah Centre", Toronto, ON

Advanced Kabbalistic Studies – @ The Bnei Baruch Kabbalah Education Center, New York, NY

Advanced Training on Meditation, Reiki, & Chi Energy movement – The Mind and Body Clinic, Toronto, ON

Ongoing self study of the Symbols and Imagery of the Tarot, The creation of personalized Tarot Spreads, the history of the Tarot, and the Kabbalistic approach to the meanings of the Tarot for over 10 years.

Sister – Order of the Eastern Star – Scarborough Chapter

Feng Shui Expert

Chi Energy/Nine Ki Astrology Expert


Professional Psychic: Over 10 years experience providing face to face psychic tarot readings, group readings, and lessons on the Tarot. I have been providing readings to clients from all over the world thru various online websites for over four years, while maintaining a nearly perfect 5 Star rating.

I discovered my gift much later in life than most people do….however I immediately began to study and learn how to use these gifts in the most effective ways, to provide help and guidance to those in need. I was mentored by an experienced psychic and tarot reader, who helped me to understand the imagery and symbology of what I was seeing in my mind’s eye, and what I was seeing within the spreads of the Tarot that I had laid out before me.

To this day, I continue to study and learn and evolve, so as to strengthen my intuitive gifts, while at the same time becoming more knowledgeable about the subconscious mind and the power it possesses, and how each of us are capable of creating the reality we want thru positive thinking, thru believing, and thru being open to receive the blessings from the universe that can be bestowed upon all of us!!!

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