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Hi! I’m psychic. I have been a very successful consultant on Spiritual/ psychic realm. I study horoscope charts and astrological calculation to get a clearer and better view of certain situations and possible interferences. If you are wondering to know the true feelings, intentions or thoughts of someone about you? Is he or she the right mate for you? If he or she will come back to you or not? Career advancements? Job Opportunities? Moving situations? If your mate is cheating, If he’s seeing any other person & from how long it’s been going on, etc. I try to be as gentle as possible when giving news that may let someone down. I will not fabricate a happy predictions to make you a happy client, when I see just the opposite. If you are not afraid to hear the truth then you have come to the right place, look no further. I give time frames to look forward. I also do healing like gem therapy and Meditation.

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