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I do not tell you what you want to hear, But what you NEED to hear.


Warmest wishes to all I am Jasmine :)

My psychic abilities run through my ancestors, no tools my gift runs through my veins.

I am very accurate & began to read at the age of eleven 25 years in total.

I am here to give you the clarity & insight.

I am empathic & intuitive,I can help you with any issues, ongoing or recent.

I am fast,direct, clear,concise.

I will never be judgmental or harsh, All questions are good questions there is never a need to feel embarrassed.

What I am NOT is a STORY teller, giver of false Hope or fantasy creator. If your looking for that, them I’m not the adviser for you But if the truth if what you seek then I am here to help you.

FAST typist, full detailed answers NOT vague.

This is my gift & passion, BUT in order for me to help you I need you to be OPEN minded so we can connect be aware please that not everyone connects.

I never confuse my clients I always make sure you understand & that you’re satisfied. :)


CHECK OUT what my clients have to say!

— 30 Sep 2012 – wallywonka – " Amazing reader, best I have come across, picked up exactly what I was feeling like she was reading my mind and she is just incredible, I can’t recommend her enough. She cares more about the client than the money "

— 17 Jun 2012 – kauaikat – "WOW! Let me tell you this, she even quoted a song to me that is soooo relevant and she had no idea! Incredible! She got things right off the bat and had so much insight! Thank you, Jasmine! WOW! "

— 27 Sep 2011 – kimberly12 – " WOW!! needed no info it just flowed like she knew us personally! She was very honest! no sugarcoating and also gave really good advice! Thanks so much! I will keep you updated and take your advice!! Thanks again! "

— 25 Sep 2011 – secondquest – " What an amazing reader. She connected to me with out the use of birthdays! That in itself shows how remarkable of a person she is AND how gifted her talents are. Anyone that can read a person with out the use of tools and gimmiks are truly gifted. Her words were amazing and it was so very lovely to connect! Thank you I will return! "

— 18 Sep 2011 – ushama – " Well I have seen many, this reader is not only accuarte but honest and does not ask a single question, connects immdeiately and encourages and relaes you as a person. No one seeks readers help if they are not troubled, I tell you I was troubled for a long while, she has relaxed me and given me insights into many unaswered questions….try her, you will not waste your time, effort or money…..truly gifted."

— 01 Dec 2011 – ph1966 – " The best reading i have done by far – no false hopes, and a strong sense of reassurance of better days to come. Jasmine has eased mind, taken away my pain which was caused by the false readings of other psychics and given me back hope – this time the hope is real. A very caring, sincere person. "

I truly do adore & appriciate every client I read for. :)

3 Guides to Keep in Mind:

We can create whatever we want in life – the future is not black and white.

Changing ourselves changes our future and the influences that will shape it along the way.

We determine our future based on what we intend to create.

I have been reading for people on line with great accuracy for over 7 years professionally.

I have dealt with many clientell in person. I am well trained with my gifts an use them wisley on those who are in most need.

I have been studing my psychic ability for years..I won’t let you down..I’m here as your psychic & friend I will be here for you whenever you need.

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Languages: English, Spanish.

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