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Heart Divine, an authentic Psychic Empath Spiritualists and an Angel Messenger-Healer offering heart to heart empathic love readings & guidance to people who are in need of insight & clarity with their current love life situation.


Due to the free chat abuse of recent people – I am officially NOT ACCEPTING UNREGISTERED users – if you’d like a reading, please REGISTER FIRST before calling, thank you! The 3-minute free chat system is for connection purposes only.

Please read my feedback to know what my clients says about me and my work. I will give you insight and clarity and I will also tell you how to turn things around to be in your favor.

By the use of my empathic abilities, I offer empathic heart to heart readings to people who are in need to get clarity and insight with their love life situation.

Call me & I’ll help you all the way and that is one reason I have a lot of repeat clients! :)

Note: A Bitwine Advisor since 08/11/11

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

I was born gifted with intuitive psychic abilities by God . My forte is based on love and relationships only. I did took lessons from different mentors, spiritualists and high priestesses with their own verified certifications.

Please take note that heart to heart readings are my forte for being a psychic empath and this is what I do for all professional readings I have been doing all these years in serving & helping a people across the globe. I would request everyone to not ask me about spirits, connecting with the dead as I only work with angels for divine guidance in all my readings.


- It may take me time to connect with you or I may not connect with you at all – please be patient on our connection phase.

- I always give extra time to my clients in a reading but please do not abuse it.

- Whenever you ask questions, I always try to connect and meditate for the answers to flow in.



"Heart Divine Psychic Empath Reader"

By the use of my empathic abilities, I offer empathic heart to heart readings to people who are in need to get clarity and insight with their love life situation.

Heart Divine’s Empath Abilities:

♥ Psychometry – I am able to connect and get more insights to the situation using tools such as tarot cards, oracle cards and angel cards.

♥ Precognition – I am able to predict the outcome of a given situation.

♥ Claircognizance – I have the ability to feel and know what has to be done in given situation situation to take things in your favor often being accompanied by a feeling of inner peace, even in the midst of a crisis.

♥ Emotional Healing – During the reading session, I am able to send you healing energy for you to get rid of the negativity you have been feeling and turn it to a positive, loving good energy for your own inner loving peace.

I will guide you with the good feelings you need to manifest what you desire most – nothing is hopeless; only if you believe on it.. that is how the power of the mind works!

Client Reviews & Feedbacks:

"She’s the best there is. Doesn’t ask for any info other than names and goes straight to the reading.. she picked up on the situation so accurately that only a real genuine psychic would be able to do that. She speaks fluent English, types super fast and gives you ton of details.. Best reading thus far!"

"Excellent.. her prediction on him contacting me came true in June. Waiting for 2nd prediction to come true in jul ! Am glad to talk to her. its like talking to old friend. She knows everything and thats amazing and she pickup things immediately!"

"Heart always picks up SO quickly on the situation and gives the information that is needed to determine how to proceed. She’s a wonderful psychic and talented energy healer as I can attest to after getting a healing by her – things have changed a lot for the better! Thank you! Give her a try!"

"One of her predictions came to pass and she gave me advice on what to do next. always nice to talk to!"

"The first time i’ve been caught off guard by how much someone could understand the dynamics of my complex relationships. She knew instantly several things about two different people in my life, and was aware that I already knew about some things.. She had proven her connection to me and her professionalism was outstanding, and did not leave me confused in any way. :)"

"just want to follow up, her prediction came pass , thank you Heart xoxoxox"

"As always she is very accurate she new what was gonna happen and uhhh it happen its funny how it works! her prediction did come true!"

"She read me and my boyfriend like reading a book! Her prediction came true in the past so I believe she will hit it again this time!"

"thank you so much really thank you since our reading I feel much better! I wrote that letter this morning and like 20 mins ago him found me and talked to me and wants me to meet him tomorrow at 1:00 I can’t believe this LOL I am so happy!"

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24 Nov 2016 unsatisfactory ranking tonypetersamuel

this lady was absolutely lovely.. but i'm changing my review based on the fact it did not come to pass :(

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