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Welcome to the LIFE CHANGING room. I am a PSYCHIC, life coach.a SPIRITUAL & EMOTIONAL HEALER, a MEDITATION COACH, and a LOVE DOCTOR! I can help you bury your past, embrace your present and design your future!! I will only tell you the truth, I am a child of god blessed with the heart and soul to help and eliminate negativity!

I was born and raised in India the land of Spiritual Healing My teacher (Guru) worked with me from childhood. I have since developed and utilized my abilities to help others. Spiritual healing has been an extant form of healing and is practiced in India since a long time back. In India people look for alternative health cures rather than relying on medicines. It is widely known that meditation is a primary mode of healing.

Please be mature, patient, friendly and respectful. Let’s keep the positive energy flowing we can all make a change for the better!!!!

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Psychic MEDI LOVE Tarot Council Heal spell


I offer services in the following areas SPELLS, LOVE SPELL, SPELL BREAKER , ANY KINDS OF SPELL YOU NAME IT .. Spiritual Healing * Mediation (Chakra, Balance, Relaxation, Sleep, Anxiety, Stress)* Love & Peace of mind Spells* Spiritual Cleansing (breaking negative energies)* Palm Readings Tarot Card Readings Relationship Guidance (sex, love, marriage, jealousy)* Depression (low self-esteem Infidelity, sadness, overwhelmed, Insomnia) Bipolar, Obsession, Compulsive traumatic stress, cutting and Eating Disorders (ADD/ADHD/ PTSD /OCD) Surviving domestic Violence Gays, Lesbians & Bisexuality Grieving and connections with Dead Loved Ones

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