Need Answers Now? Everyone gets stuck in life at some point. . Find relief from emotional bondage and the things that hold you back. Discover peace of mind and the real issues that need attention in your life. Call me now.


I’m a compassionate, clear communicator who truly loves helping people!

If we make a connection, I can see situations as they are how they, and how they can be rearranged, in the divine will of our Creator, to justify a positive outcome. The issues we like to hide from in our day to day lives come up in my readings.

Love, money, prosperity. Face the challenges that block your positive energy, your blessings. Do you want to know what is out there for you? Are you ready for truth?

Understand the truth comes from you, not me. I divine what is already there. As a fisherman fishes a lake, I find truth in deep waters, buried issues that need to be dealt with.

With your permission I reach out into this grand beautiful Universe, filled with energy, to speak with spirit guides and angels on your behalf. With tarot and pendulum I divine answers to the secrets of your heart.

P.S. I’m back online daily now!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

A degree could not qualify me to do what I do. My skill comes from the Creator. My tools are sight, tarot, and pendulum.

I am available for your questions most evenings, after 8pm est.

My specialties are divining will, intention and true desires of the heart, be it yours, or the one you love. Past lives are near to my heart. Spirit guides and Angels are a calling of mine.

If I can not read for you, I will be honest and let you know. The reality is, a psychic connection is not possible with everyone. A deep and true connection does not happen in one sitting. Familiarity opens doors and windows for psychic truth to shine.

That is not to mean I will fish for details, then pull a word from a hat. This is real indeed for me. I treasure follow-ups. Prove me one way or another.

Test my truth against the reality of your future, and see if it doesn’t stand and be noticed. I am giving. Test my words.


Ten years providing professional psychic readings combined with a lifetime blessing of mental healing ability. The gift has been upon me since the Creator saw fit to give me life. Here, Bitwine, is where I share love and light.

This is not about money, but giving back to the Universe that has given me much. With a positive spirit and a tremendous will to do that which is right and good, I will bless you with the truth, as I have been blessed with the truth.

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Languages: English

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Local Time: (GMT-05:00) March 25, 2019, 08:17PM

Location: Down River, Michigan  (Find on Google Maps)

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17 Feb 2012 excellent ranking laf

She was absolutley wonderful. Very insightful, honest, generous and encouraging. Not what I wanted to hear but needed to hear.

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16 Feb 2012 excellent ranking sweets

this young lady is the real deal. I didn't even say a word and she just started flowing with information as soon as I said hello. I'm so impressed. she is such a blessed person. Her gifts are amazing and I'm blessed to have talked to her tonight. I'm really really impressed. Thanks so much for taking time out for me tonight.. bless you!!!

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16 Feb 2012 excellent ranking buttons

excellent lots and lots of information to take it but she was excellent

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10 Jul 2011 excellent ranking bugster4203

Truly amazing women, not only in her accuracy and connection ability but for her love of her can tell she loves to give back....she was a wealth of knowledge and gave me invaluable information....XXOO

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