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God gifted, natural born psychic reader and medium, possesses the power the reunite lovers in ONE session, remove negative energy, repair your love life, balance chakra, heal aura energy and more. If you want real advise, strait forward answers from a REAL psychic reader, you have come to the right place. Villanna is a strait forwards, tell it like it is psychic, NO sugar coating or false hope is given, be ready to hear the truth as it is and how it will be. NO FREE READINGS! When you call, be sure you can can afford to hire, if you have a question, the FREE CONNECTION TIME of 3 minutes is used for just that reason to CONNECT to you and insure a clear reading, if you are looking for a ‘freebie’ go to someone else. If you are ready for a real, honest reading, and want the truth, call now for all the details and insight you will need.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Degree in metaphysical psychology. Certified psychic reader in two states. Expert Tarot and Chakra energy reader. Spiritual connection teacher for over 9 yrs.


I have been reading for people for what seems like my whole life, i was born with my ability and am the only one within my generation to have been blessed with this gift. I have also been reading, helping and guiding people for many yrs by phone, and since 6 yrs online, I am able to connect to people spiritually, emotionally as well as psychically using these methods, it helps me to reach those who are not in my area. I have had experience with metaphysical, spiritual, and evil energy balancing, as well as cleansing, Chakra balancing, spiritual repair (this is if you had tried to get ‘help’ before and only had some negative outcome)reuniting lovers, family members and friends, repairing marriages, removing negative/bad energy from a persons life as well as emotional repair. I have practiced these along with my psychic ability since i was 12 yrs old, i began to developed my gifts when i was around 4 or 5 yrs old, my parents wanted to wait until i was old enough to understand some of the things i was ‘seeing’ and feelings when i connected to people, i began in a ‘Psychic Boutique’ where i read practiced (at no charge to them) until i was able to preform Tarot, Palm, Crystal, Energy, Love, Tea Leaf, Voice and vibration reading as a 2ND nature.

I hope to have the privilege in connecting to you and being able to help or guide you in any way i can.
Blessings and Light, V.
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