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Get your specific questions answered regarding love and relationships, job and career, and peace and health, from Love advisor Isabella, she’s very expeirenced in the spiritual world and you will no longer have to wonder what the future has in store for you. Call now!

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Psychic reader, love and relationship specialist, dream teller, spell casting, specializing in job/career, seeking what the future holds for you, connecting with a past loved one, and much more to offer. Please keep in mind all spells are casted working with white magic. I have discovered my gift when I was a young child, this gift has been passed down from generation to generation and was given to me when I just 9 years of age.I started out by giving palm readings to people in my grandmothers shop, and when I became old enough to start a business of my own I opened up a small shop in my home town and became a succsess! I’ve helped thousands and thousands of believers from all over the state of Oregon and have been rated one the best. From all the support of my clients they’ve rated me a score of 99.9% accuracy. Give me 10 minutes of your time, and I will having you saying “wow” :)


Hi my name is Isabella, i’d like to tell you a little about myself. I have over 17 years of expierence giving advice, and helping many who believe in the spiritual world. My readings come from the mind, heart, body, and soul. I work with the angels, and seek the right answers by connecting to your energies. All readings are private, yet honest. :) If you are looking for a psychic who does not sugar coat, lie, or give out false hopes well then you came to the right place! I tell what I see, whether it’s good or bad! Having the psychic ability is a gift, I love what I do, I love helping ones who are in need, and putting your mind at ease. I offer help on any matter such as Love, career, health, the past, the future, the present, marriage, divorce, and many more options. I also offer special help for those who truly need it, like Spells of all kinds, meditations, candle work, and also aura cleansings.. Please keep in mind there will be an extra charge for special work. A session with me will have speechless! I gaurantee you will not regret it and you will get your moneys worth. Waste no more time, and give me a call!

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