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Relationships,Love,Health,Balance, Financial,.. I am an Empath, Intuitive, Reader, Numerologist, Reiki, Energy Healer, I work with the Highest, Angels, Saints, Trinity to support you along Your Path & Destiny ~ To answer your questions, Align your life path & steer your course to YOUR HIGHEST GOOD. Love Light & Blessings xx


❤️$28/10 min❤️ (save $5 off reg time)

❤️$41/15 min❤️ (save $9 off reg time)

❤️$55/20 min❤️ (save $11 off reg time)


❤️$30 Prayer/Candles❤️

❤️$50 Crystal Grid/Prayer/Candles❤️

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I have worked in healthcare for 2 decades. While Studying to evolve my gifts for years, following in the footsteps of my family generations & Uk, Druid, Catholic, Knights of Columbus, Free Mason Bloodline.

Qualified in: Numerology, Feng Shui, Intuitive, Reader,Reiki,Chakras, Energy, Angelic Healing,Angel Messages, clairvoyance,clairsentience, claircognizance,clairaudience,Spirituality/Prayer, Candles,Life Coach, Relationship Coach, Abuse & Trauma Healing. Crystal Healing, Tarot/Oracles, Sound Therapy, Astrology,Hypnotherapy.. to name a few ;) Always upgrading & adding to my array of Education & Love of Learning. xx


I have known of my gifts since a young age. I have experienced so much in this life through my Journey working in service of others. I have been extremely fortunate to meet fascinating people of all walks of life, from master numbers to great souls. I am grateful to get to know their story that it moved me to tune in more to be able to lift others to their highest good. I am touched & blessed to be given such a gift & I am here to help from my heart with Purity & Integrity. I have developed over the last 2 decades. Experiencing & evolving so that I can spark you,ignite you, Heal & help you along your Journey & Life Path. Aligning what it is you desire to bring you LOVE, peace & to your highest good & your souls mission. LOVE & LIGHT & BLESSINGS. Aqua XX

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