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Readings cannot be performed until after payment is confirmed….

I will provide intuitive & psychic readings using various forms of divination such as Tarot & oracle cards, dowsing, scrying, dice casting, tea leaves. I will also provide dream analysis, spiritual and relationship coaching.

I am also a certified Reiki Practitioner and provide EFT & TFT Coaching for those with anxiety, phobias, stress, and habits they would like to change.

Occasionally, it happens that a reading does not resonate. Nothing and no one is perfect. If that happens, I will gladly draw more cards for clarification. If it still seems off base, I will redraw the entire spread free of charge during our session.

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Founder of AetherWay Education & Exploration Founder of the Union of Solitaries Ordained Minister EFT & TFT Certified Reiki Certified

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