My services are full detailed readings, guidance, Meditations that can change your situation around within days.

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Instead of majoring into business or law school when I was in high school I study to be an accountant to work well with others and help people but soon realized I was in the right field but the wrong department. Realizing I have a special gift to help people by being A psychic made me achieved numerous of awards for being “Top Psychic” “Most Accuarte Psychic” “Extremely Detailed” “Most Loved Psychic” Being where I’m at today with all the qualifications I have I feel I am extremely gifted.


I have over 15,000+ readings completed! Been on six talk radio shows from all over the world. Where my gift was tested and proven that I can pick up on anyone’s voice no matter how far they are or what the situation is within seconds. As well My “Ai” meditation I’m extremely well known in China for them. Bringing this method to the states is been going viral! This mediation is through Purple Ocean and Bitwine only.

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she is great she pciked up things try her !!prediction of contact didnt happened , im now confused , but shes kind of nice person

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