PSYCHIC & SHAMAN ~ Psychic readings on love and all life issues ~ Personalized energy work ~ Mind/body/energy healing


I use signs and symbols that I get from Great Spirit and my guides. Claircognizant, clairvoyant, clairsentient and clairaudient. Energy reader/worker and empath.

Psychic reading services indlude: ~ Relationship/love/twin flames ~ Energy reading/working ~ Children/family ~ Breakups/divorce/reunion ~ Career/finances/money concerns ~ Energetic health/spiritual health/body, mind wellness ~ Chakra balance and energetic attunement ~ Spiritual counseling ~ Intuitive numerology ~ Spirit animals/totem ~ Dream analysis

To get the most out of your reading with me: Be open in energy/mind; if you are angry or in a negative state of mind, cool down first and then come in; do not give false/inaccurate information as this will lead to inaccurate results; I am very generous with my time so please do not abuse this; I make suggestions to help the client get the desired result they are after so use the suggestions; 100% accuracy is never possible, please be kind<3

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Psychic and Energy Reader/Worker ~ Shaman ~ Intuitive Numerologist


Trained in various forms of Shamanic practice as well as highly advanced skill in meditation, energy work, and psychic readings.

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