Tara Pine

Psychic, Energy Therapist, Shamanic and Vedic Practitioner


Thousands of couples had been reunited by using the techniques I can teach you. Individual Fire Ritual to remedy different aspects of life is $180.00 – you will receive a link to a google drive page with a 90 minutes video recording of the service performed in your name. Group Fire Rituals cost $25.00, you will also receive a link to a video recording of the service delivered. In order to apply you’ll need to provide a link to a google drive or a Drop box page with your full height photo and your name. For individual service I’ll also need your DOB to calculate the best time to perform it.

Call me if you want to find out what is your personal totem animal.

Send a thought to someone! $50.00

Monthly pass 20min sessions five days a week – $200.00

Monthly pass 1hr 20min sessions once a day any day – $1000.00

I am looking forward to your call. Love and Light!

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Certified Energy Therapist and Psychic Tarot Reader

I am legally obliged to say that the information I provide to clients during readings is for entertainment purpose only and can’t be used as a substitute for professional financial, legal or medical advice.


Over 30 years working on different platforms, featured on TV.

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