TAROT - Love & Relationship specialist. Huge decisions needed? FULL 2019 written reading available. ASK FOR IT just per $20! Happy NEW YEAR!


❤️ Tarotist & Natural healer. Love & Life Coach. Counselor. Emphatic. Accurate. Confident. Honest. Quick.

Located in Mexico

I am friendly and do like to listen and always try to serve people to go deep in themselves and accept their own values.

Let´s try to find a solution for you.

- Counselor and insight for life decisions - Natural health - Love & relationships (Reconciliation, breaking up, divorce) - Gay – Lesbian – Transgender - Career & Money - Personal growth - Spiritual path

Magic works as:

- Negativity removal, cleansing and unblock energies - Aura balance - Natural health courses - Tzolkin – Maya Chart - Candle magic

I would love to stay attentive on your needs to assist you! No sugar coatting

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Celtic Tarot. Love Tarot. Angel Tarot. Archangel Tarot. Herbal Remedies. Bach Flowers Therapy. Witchcraft & Magic works. Counselor sessions


More than 15 years now serving people.

Hello and very welcome to my room. I am Meztli and I am ready to serve you.

I am emphatic and always try to find a solution for every one…

Since I was very young I felt the curiosity to approach everything with magic and esoteric world, I read a lot more than I could practice at first because I feared the unknown…, over time I realized that everything is done thinking spiritual well-being, and support our fellow is renewed in love and wisdom.

Right now my home is Yucatan, Mexico, a place full of magic, charm, mysticism and ancient maya knowledge; living here has been a huge enrichment aswell as also being in direct co-existence with nature and how it inspires us, respecting, and valuing, learning at a glance what often goes unnoticed.

It makes me feel good to assist and serve people who come here trying to find a solution to the sadness and desperate situations in life.

Customer feedback:

She is just so awesome… and I just like her cause she is very honest and accurate.. she doesn’t do it for money… she is naturally gifted…

Peacegal (New Zeland)

Incredible compassionate reading, very clear and concise

Suzzanne (U.K.)

Meztli is wonderful, sincere, warm and caring and always supportive. She can help you if it is within her abilities to do so. She will tell you what is possible and put your best interest first and I have never ever seen her act in any way that a Reading first is what she is here for – until you say you are ready for one. Life is about balance and choices and Meztli will find what your path is in addition to her immediate insights where you need to be inside yourself for your best happiness to happen. Chat with her and then find she will help you piece together what it is you needed to know and hear about… it is then up to you to make those best choices ;-) Highly intelligent, her ability to connect is amazing, and all that she writes below, she delivers.

Mr. Rob (USA)

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Sprachen: Spanish, English

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Ortszeit: (GMT-06:00) February 22, 2019, 10:29PM

Ort:Mexico city  (Finden auf Google Landkarten)

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05 Jun 2018 Zufriedenstellende Bewertung thegreatest233

Not really worth it inaccurate information all around first siad maybe i was an ex nah at the end said barely knew the person i was asking about then i said ive known em for two years her response oh long

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12 Oct 2017 Zufriedenstellende Bewertung bluerms

Not sure what to think of the spread & what she read from it, said he's not a waste of time but 4/6mths is a long time from now but I guess I would have to wait until then to update.----10/23 Too many readings about the same thing can block cards too? That's a 1st, Ive had 1 reading with you and asked 1 question too bad you could not read on it accurately. If cards can get "BLOCKED" maybe people cant truly rely on a reading with you.

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22 Apr 2017 Zufriedenstellende Bewertung bcuzimagurl

Awful. Very generic...slow to respond..slow typer..kept repeating herself over and over again. I felt like she was giving me therapy..diagnosing me with this and that...i simply came for a reading not to be toldthis and that or given any therapy. She never told me whether i would meet my soulmate..just made me sound like had some deep rooted issues...if u can not give any specific answers...pls do not be on here. I got fed a bunch of baloney..left the chat..she hung up on answers..came as confused as i was at the beginning i want a refund

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16 Apr 2017 Zufriedenstellende Bewertung yani87

Prediction did not pass-I doubt that I will be changing this review, a prediction may or may not pass eventually but that is why we come to readers to see when this may take place. Otherwise we would all wait until things happen instead of paying to get an incorrect timeframe.

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05 Jan 2017 Zufriedenstellende Bewertung shatia24

I asked for a refund because I didn't feel we connected instead of giving it to me she hung up

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