In a consultation with me I mostly rely on my psychic abilities including clairvoyance clairaudience and crystals as well as life coaching and personal empowerment tools to scope out my readings also specialize in love relationship friendship and also workplace dynamics I can cover issues related to Everyday stress dating marriage divorce also Finance group personal development I can definitely help with all areas of life I hope to hear from you soon much love and light.

In a consultation with me I can only tell you what I see so if you’re looking for someone to tell you what you want to hear or sugarcoat things then I am not psychic for you!

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specializes in all the following, love, Relationship, Soul mate connection, Marriage and divorce, Reuniting lovers, Single and dating, Personal growth, Spiritual growth, Finding the hidden self and true meaning, Emotional behavior patterns, Inner peace , Healing of the mind and body, Career coaching, Astrology, Master psychic vision’s Meditation, chakra balancing, Aura cleansing, Emotional healing, Energy healing, Psychic protection. There is no need to feel alone life comes with all sorts of bumps and curves in the road and sometimes we could all get a little lost everybody needs guidance at times let me be the one to give you the genuine honest answers and advice you are desperately seeking. If you feeling confused and depression about your current situation stop right now and contact me for accurate solutions to get you on the path you was meant to be on. Satisfaction Guaranteed, Extremely Detailed always Honest and Truthful answers.


I was born with my psychic abilities but I’ve been doing it professionally since over 12 years now and also it’s been going on for Generations so I’m very thankful to inherit that and share my gift with others

I’ve helped Many people across the world Find peace of mind Answer their deepest questions And make them feel comfortable because I am a nonjudgmental psychic And it would be my absolute pleasure To give you some clarity to help you in any situation that you are going through.

*I am also a realist. If you are in a path that is simply not going to work out for you I won’t spin you a fairy tale. You need to know what your real options are so you can make clear choices, positive decisions, and get on a path to bring true happiness.

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21 Jun 2017 Zufriedenstellende Bewertung clmoody

ok slow. slow to answer questions. when asked question replies with asking me do I want a cleansing. I didn't even finish the reading I just hung up. Told her thanks and left.

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29 Dec 2016 Zufriedenstellende Bewertung mace (unregistered)

I am sorry but I am not satisfied with the info received. Pls refund, thank you

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