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I Am able to feel and sense that persons thoughts using my intuitive gift, i do not just provide a reading i give you advice along with it to help get you back on track!


Utilizing my highly attuned and accurate Spirit Guides, the Tarot for clarity/details, and Astrology when appropriate, my readings are highly personalized and full of specific details other advisors may miss, getting to the heart of all you need to know to experience more fulfilling relationships. I specialize in Soulmate Readings, New Love (thoughts/feelings/intentions), and Healing from a Lost Love or Broken Relationship so you can prepare for a better love experience for the future. How It Works: I have a remarkable ability to connect fast, and to read your energy and the energy of whomever you are asking about with ONLY A FIRST NAME. I work with direct and specific questions for pinpoint accuracy. Come open and prepared for the "higher" messages from Spirit you are meant to hear, and expect a truly AMAZING reading experience. Spirit guided messages may or may not be what you wish to hear but they will always be what you need to know for your utmost success and best path forward.


Psychic from birth, and from a long line of extraordinarily gifted psychic family members, I have been a top rated, popular psychic advisor for the past 18 years, Prior to working full time as a Psychic Life Coach, I held various positions in mainstream Corporate America. I have also owned 2 businesses. This broad, "real life" professional background, in combination with my psychic work experience, enables me to give superb advice from both a mainstream life and work experience, as well as an in depth spiritual perspective, unlike many psychics who have only worked in the psychic field. My Psychic gifts have been developed over many years using various modalities such as meditation, learning and sharing via master psychic teachers, gifted astrologers, tarot readers, and other spiritual mentors. I am tested, proven, certified, "authentic." I am a consistently "5 star" reader with repeat clients around the globe.

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10 Aug 2018 Unbefriedigende Bewertung Martine  (unregistered)

Very happy with my reading. Knows that person is not real and the rest of the reading makes sense to me.

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23 Jul 2016 Unbefriedigende Bewertung aquarius_taurus

not sure she hung up

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06 Jul 2016 Unbefriedigende Bewertung beablessing

Every Reader I've ever been too will tell u first thing if they don't see a relationship. Instead she went an entire five minutes telling me he is a good person and how I'm a good person before telling me that we wouldn't date. She then said it was impossible for him to leave the other woman then completely contradicts herself by saying they will eventually separate. Money wasted.

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27 Jun 2016 Unbefriedigende Bewertung secretmission

She cud read alot of things... she has given me timeframes i hope they come true... i will come back and update the rating once the predictions come true... thanks alot for being so generous with time and being really patient while answering all my questions...

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17 Jun 2016 Unbefriedigende Bewertung gianna02


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