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Relationship & Love Issues or concerns I am able to tune into you’re current partner or love interest, thoughts and emotions and channel with my guides their true intentions. In order to give you the truth. I am Compassionate, Private, Funny, Kind but I speak the truth… Everyone welcome I don’t judge nor discriminate.

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We all have been through times that are hard, but it does get better. Let’s find a solution together.

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I’m a certified Reiki Practioner.


I have been doing readings online and at my own personal practice. I believe in healing people with sessions that are beneficial. I have worked for multiple online companies, my own website and at events locally and for people in my own with my company also. I have done a lot of guidance sessions privately, Reiki healings privately.

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30 Mar 2016 Unbefriedigende Bewertung yani87

3/31 No this is a totally Different person and its not the hair color your physical features are totally different than the advisor I spoke to, I guess you changed your eye color, got a nose and lip job too? Nothing wrong changing ur photo I just dont know why advisors cant stick to their Own Photo. It makes me wonder now about the reading and who I truly spoke to especially about the "new device" she mentioned Why would anyone wait 4+ mths to get a new device?...I do hope ur real if so I will update in June.

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