My name is Fantasy and I am here to answer all of your questions. Heard the voices of spirituality when I was a little child contacting with spirits and other energy. I can help you to find your life path or just to see more about your issues related to Love , Career , Money … My favourite cards are Tarot and Gypsy deck but I also use the Astrology which is an ancient knowledge interpreting starts and constellations. What would you like to know about? Love? I can give you honest and true answers. Do you have financial doubts? So i will show you some solution for all of it. Feel free to talk to me or ask me i will be always doing my best.

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I am certified reiki healer , certified nurse and massage therapist . I am a student of acces consciusness and theta healing becoming certified too.

I am astrologer doing love compatibility , financial and wealth predicition through this wonderful tool.


I have more than 20 years of experience related to card reading , astrology and healing , balancing health . All these years my principle purpose was and is to help and find the ways how to solve any situation in your life. I am working and sharing my life as a coach a psychic and spiritual advicer for long years now healing, helping to you .

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Confusing and contradicting

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Time will tell if you're right or wrong

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It was going well and she left chat :(

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