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I am a spiritually guided, and intuitive Tarot/Oracle reader. I perform my readings by connecting to my spirit guides, as well as your energy. In this way I feel I can accurately asses the issues you may be facing.

I am a caring, sensitive, down to earth, and non judgmental person, and every reading from me will be tailor made just for you.

I believe much can be learned through Tarot. I work very much in what’s going on in the here and now, and work less on promising you things that may or may not happen. I want to help you get on the right path that will enable the things you want to come to you. That doesn’t not mean I won’t make predictions, but I feel it’s most important to look at what is going on now, and how to make changes for our highest good. I genuinely want to help, and always read with the best intentions

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Many years of study of magical workings, and card reading, tarot, and Lenormand.


I am a natural born psychic. When I was a child I was not in control of these gifts, and I would randomly get information about things. As an adult I have opened myself up to my abilites to better control them. Upon doing this I was very drawn to using the Tarot, it is in this way that the messages come me, and I can delve deeper into a situation, as well as validate the energy that is around me, or a certain situation.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER (Fine Print Required) You must be at least 18 years old to purchase this reading, All Readings are for Entertainment Purposes Only. Information provided by the reader is not to be substituted for professional, legal and or medical advice. No Guarantees are offered and all sales are final.

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