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What’s my life purpose?

When will I meet my soulmate?

Is S/he cheating?

When will S/he contact me?

Am I on the right path?

What will happen in my career?

Will my finances improve?

What does this new year hold for me?

Will I have children?

Hello my name is Rose, and I am a 12th generation psychic advisor, I am also a master spiritualist and reiki healer, I can see into you or someone’s past, present, future, my readings will always provide you with truth and clarity into all situations. I do not sugar coat, I say what I see, I am empathetic, I will always be compassionate to my clients, there is no judgment with me, and all of your information is kept private. I specialize in love and relationships but there is no problem that I can not help with, I have been giving readings professionally since over 15 years in person and online, I was born with my ability, and I have been using it to help since I was 7 years old. Contact me now for a honest accurate reading.

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I qualify in multiple category’s , such as love, career, family. I welcome the LGBTQ community with open arms!.

Please note my first 3 free minutes are for introduction and connection purpose only, i do not provide ANY free service thank you for understanding.

I will not hold back any information, positive or negative.

I am a true and sincere Psychic and a expert in making connections with Spirits / spirit guides "Expert Spiritualist "

I can see into all situation’s and matters of life, I can connect with the subconscious of a person to reveal insight of their thought’s, emotions, intentions towards you or some one else.

i am one of only a few "Psychics" who can perform "Heart To Heart" sessions, which allows me to let you to talk to a person(s) subconscious

i can repair broken relationship’s no matter how difficoult the situation may apear, this is my specialty i take great pride in mending broking soulmates/twinflames i also provide services in past life readings.


I am new here to “Bitwine” but I am not a new psychic, I have over 15 years of giving professional help and guidance to thousands of clients, 100% accurate and honest. No sugar coating here, non-judge mental.

I can help where other’s have failed.

I can help with anxiety, I am a master reiki healer, I can cast away any unwanted feelings, thoughts, emotions, to you or to POI .

Are you wanting to know who your soulmate is?

Are you wanting to know when you will meet your soulmate?

Are you wanting to know if s/he will reach out to you? and if so when?

Are you wanting to know if S/he is cheating?

i can give you these answers.

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$4.99 pro Minute (nach Ihrer Zustimmung)

$45 full life reading, Unlimited Questions 30 Mins, new clients only

My $10 deal:

4 Questions, Or 10 MIN reading. Honest, Accurate.