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I Am A Trained Professor To Detect Any Issue Surrounding Your Love Life. I Am A Master Tarot Reader, And Spirit Analyst. *Not Your Basic Psychic*


<3 Allow The Light To Remove The Darkness <3

Certified PhD In Spiritual Psychology, Level 3 Reiki Master. I Inherited My Gift From My Ancient Chinese, And Native American Ancestors. I Am A Love Professor, Born With A Gift. My Gift Is Rare Of Its Kind And Is Very Sensitive To Certain Energy, So I Do Ask That Everyone Does Come Into The Reading With And Open Heart.

I Can See, Feel, & Do More Than Your Average Psychic. My Gift Is Consisted Of Spirit Guides, Extrasensory Perception, I Feel What Your Lover Is Feeling Or Thinking About You. I Can Vision And Hear Your Guardian Angels, And People Who Has Passed Away Around You.

I See Into Your Future To Answer Every Question Honestly And Accurately. I Not Only Specialize In Love, But Every Situation That Is Concerning To You. I Have Been An Expert In My Field Since 1996.

Allow Me To Reveal The Truth To You. No Sugar Coating, Or Beating Around The Bush. I Am Not Hear To Tell You What You Want To Hear, But To Make A Change!

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Certified Clairvoyant, & Metaphysical Healer Degreed Since 1998. Studied The Tarot At The Age Of 14, And I Graduated As A Love Professor Known Throughout India, Canada And USA For Love Guidance And Accuracy. Certified PhD In Spiritual Psychology, Level 3 Reiki Master. Appeared On Radio Talk Shows, & Several Locations Through Out The USA.



Over 20 Years Experience Of Satisfying Happy Clients, WorldWide & Internationally. With 4 Offices Across The States, And Known Mostly Through India, USA & Canada For My Tantra Readings, And Removal Of Evil Eye. Faith Lays In Your Hands, And You Must DO The Correct Things To Control It, The Way You Want It To Go. SPECIALS RUN OFTEN, AND FOR SPECIAL CASES.


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27 Dec 2016 Unbefriedigende Bewertung homeskilletjo

She is nice and patient, am waiting to see how this cleansing goes and if things change, can't wait, hoping for the best.

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