I am good for love realtionship.How to make good relationship,love compatibilty,match making,your lucky number,luck color,lucky business/line of work,Important years of life,when to start new work/business,partnerhip is good or bad??? as sometime we also got losses coz of partners also if they have unlucky number.I suggest only simple remedy in which u shall be comfrtable and get good result too.No lofty remedy

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Graduate with management degree


5 years experience as numerologist.One of my clients get the bail and not only that he win the legal case also.He was 2 yrs in prison.His wife came to me some how.I suggest him few things with the instruction that if your husband is innocent he will win the case and lord ganesha helped him.It was a great pleasure for me also.So be honest if you belive in numerology otherwise it will not give any positive result

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