Doppler Pete

Doppler Pete


As a long term psychictist, I have worked to mix the emotional plane of psychic readings with the tangible world of the known. By using frequencies, wavelengths, leptons and other fermi-related particloids, I am able to pinpoint and decipher problems or obstacles in my clients’ lives. People, like mass, bends space around them, and I ‘read’ the spatio-psychic distortions.

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I received my undergraduate degree in psychicism from the Harvest of the Cornucopia institute. I received my PhD in spatial/temporal-psychism from Oxford University (of the plains). I hold certificates in proximate and displaced psychic healing from the Himalayan Concordance. I have attended workshops studying the inertial frame-dragging on the mass/spirit relationship and on the relationship between red/blue shifting energy compression and eternal self-essence.


Growing up as a southern Appalachian sharecropper in Morehead, Kentucky, I dreamed of more. After being repeatedly struck by lightning during a snowstorm, I became aware of the importance of temporal placement and higher energy frequencies. My first experience with healing was at my cousins wedding, where I cured my uncle’s possum-foot. My experiences with the occult involved the removal of demons from pets all around my community. While most people’s ‘soul mate’ can be found withing 35 miles of their position, I have MUCH greater range at soul mate forecasting. I have matched up a Kansas City Baptist with a South African woman who’s name is unpronounceable by me. I take the spider-man philosophy of ‘with great power comes great responsibility’, and as such would never take money for my services. I have no need for money in any event, as any REAL psychic can find more money then they need.

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