Rev. Marco Candelaria

Cowrie Shell Reading, Medium, Spiritualist ***Santeria *** Please don't take this lightly, I'm not your normal online psychic. I'm a high Priest in Palo Mayombe I'm an expert in Back Magic, Voodoo, and witchcraft


Palo Mayombe originated from the African Congo and is the world’s most powerful and feared form of black magic. In Santeria religion there exists a side called Palo Mayombe. Individuals who practice this magic are called Paleros. Palo Mayombe has a very long and historical history. This magic was transported to the Caribbean during Spanish slave trade to Cuba and Puerto Rico in the 1500. The differences between Palo Mayombe and Santeria is, Santeria uses the forces of light and they work with the saints also known as SANTO.. A high priest, Tata Nganga ,as myself use the forces of darkness and the living dead to achieve our goals and magic spells. Palero practice is extremely strong and powerful black magic.

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My father is Oggun and the right to the knife belongs to me…I am child of Yemaya and her spirits serve me…Powerful plants,animals,spiritual beings and ethereal substances itself await my decree to work on you behalf. I know what you desire in life and know how to help you get it. i will use my spiritual powers and gift tools ect. to help you and your loved ones…


As a Tata Nganga and a intuitive reader, I will help set you on path. I will align your mind and body to higher level thinking.

I will connect your intentions, wants and desires to Spirit through prayer, meditation and by using the tangible gifts and awesome power of Mother Earth. We will use various herbs, roots and minerals for traditional Love, Money and Luck spell work. We will create a space for you to ground this energy and watch it grow.

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