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I have inherited a gift that allows me to see into the spirit world. I acknowledge that this gift comes from Divine, I have been given many opportunities to share my testimony and help those who need encouragement and spiritual guidance.

I use my spiritual gifts in helping individuals and families. I also work with local ghost hunting and paranormal groups. This gives me the opportunity to use my gifts in helping families who are experiencing paranormal activity.

With a background in education,a student of World Religion, and sacred dance I have had many opportunities to host public events. My speaking engagements have included lecturing to different groups, being a guest at events, charitable events, guesting on podcasts, and being featured in books and newsletter. I have been given the chance to do what I love best…talk about my gift by telling stories of the amazing .

Hope to assist you soon.

Blessings, Ankhesenamun

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Certified Highly Qualified Educator Degree in Cognitive and Parapsychologist Professionally Trained in Sacred Dance Certified Autism Therapist Certified Herbalist Certified Aromatherapist Proffesionally Trained and Mentored in Tarot


20 Years experience in working with energies and reading using systems such as; Tarot, Cowrie Shells, Casting of the Bones, Tea Readings, Candle Reading, Energy connections, Psychomancy, Mediumship (see, hears, smell, and taste energy beings) Member of local Ghosting Hunting Association Member of local Parapsychology Association

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