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Psychic Tarot Reader & Spellcaster. I can light candles on my altar anointed with oils and herbs together with your petition to bring your wishes to fruition. Just inquire about that service.


Hi my name is Papa John. I have been a tarot psychic reader since the age of 8. I have 27 years of experience in reading all types of Tarot decks and spanish/american playing cards. I will be your guide with love, money, career, children, fame, fortune and many other areas of life. I will tell you the truth and not lead you on or sugar coat things for you. Things will be straight to the point and clear to help you make the most out of your reading. Aside from experience with readings, I also have studies in Mexican Witchcraft, Curandero, Wicca, Santeria, Tibetan Buddhism, Feng Shui, Rootworker, Herbology, Reiki, Medicinal Massage, and may other areas. I am looking forward to seraving you with all my heart and humility. Many blessings and Namaste!!!

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I am a certified Tarot Card Reader, Spell Caster, Massage Therapist, Reiki Practicioner, Curandero, Herbalist in the chinese and indian traditions, Ayurvedic Life-Style consultant, and Rootworker.


27 years of experience with results!!!

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