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sees and feels your lovers heart AND NO FREE READING’S PLEASE DON’T waste MY ENERGY ON FREE I WILL NOT REPLY and I hope you understand that it’s take’s a lot of energy to find your answer’s no sugarcoating reading just the truth so if your looking for the truth call me im not here to waste your time and DON’T CALL ME IF U WANT A SUGARCOATING READING I only see the TRUTH thank you BLESSING’S

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i born with my gift i did not go to school or read a book i have my gift for over 35 if your looking for a psychic that don’t sugarcoat answer’s give me a call blessing’s NO FREE QUESTION’S OR READING’S also at purple ocean


born with my gift as a child over 35 year’s experience AND PLEASE NO FREE READING’S ty I BEEN ON TV RADIO MAGAZINE look at my customers review’s and see for your self about what they say about me and there reading’s thank you hope to hear from you soon blessing’s

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