Saboinia Greywolf

Saboinia Greywolf


with over 20 years experience, I have a unique style to my card reading abilitys. I have a no nonsence attitude and try to get to the point in every reading that i do. I will always explaine the cards so that you understand them.

I come buy this gift all leagle like, my gift can be traced back over five generations on my mothers side of the family. It is in my blood to the point that i have a few five pointed stars in the natural lines of my hands. these marks are sometimes refferred to as witch marks.

i am also a witch, and as such if i believe that a spell will hel your situation i will provide one to you for you to do on your own free of charge. I will also give you the link to a store where you can buy what you may need for the spell. no worries though, you see most of the time you can cast a spell with what you already have in the house.

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i have a drgree in business management from colorado technical university, i also have several years of management expierence and counceling expierence esp in the areas of working with others in order to makesure that the work gets done


i have been a professional psychic for several years now and my clients believe that i am able to help them cut threw the crap of life and get to the heart of what is really bothering them, and what may be done to aid them in dealing with other peole

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