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At 46 years of age, I have 28 years of experience. There are a few ground rules to read with me. 1. I work by questions. 2. I always give the first 3 minutes free if you have a history of reading with me. 3. If you tell me you have read with me before and the history browser tells me this is your first time you will be charged immediately. There are to many unregistered accounts that like to get free readings only. 4. I follow terms of service meaning if terms of service says you can’t ask it, don’t try me I don’t do it. Respect for the service providers.

If this is okay with you then proceed. :) I am as truthful and honest as I can be sometimes lacking in tact so I am definitely not for the faint of heart. But being an empath all my life compassion is an imperative part of my soul. And Rather I am your choice or ot, I wish you all the blessings life can bring.

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My qualifications, I have alot of love and respect for the clients I work with. The ability to tell the truth and abide by it. I was taught by my family through generations.


30years of Tarot reading. Formerly 15 years of service at Ingenio.

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