will situations with my mother and siblings

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hi, my name is Renee september 3, 1982..i want to know do u see life getting better for my mother and my older brother and younger grown sisters…

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i am seeing a tired woman on a couch. this tells me of either illness or some troubles. stress is high here and theres alot of going back and forth,waiting on someone or something. i feel that your siblings are taking good care of your mother and as long as this family sticks together there is hope.

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omg you are so right on..my mother is going through a lot with her health at the moment..she was in the hospital the past couple of days last week…because her pressure was extremely high (hypertension), she hasn’t been taking her medication for a year for that. Because she has no insurance-she tried to get some but was denied but I told her not to worry that i will help her even if I have to pay for it out of my own pocket for her…and on top of that she just found out too while in the hospital she has full blown diabetes…she told she was scared because her whole lifestyle has to change..Stress is high with the family right now too..there are custody battles going on with two of my sisters past relationships and legal issues with the other younger grown sister…There has been so much stress lately going on with everybody but you were right on about what you said…my mother is worrying about them and how everythings going to turn out yesterday she busted out crying. i just hugged her and cried with her and she was saying that 2010 was such an awful bad year and she is scared how this year is going to turn out..and I just assured her everythings going to be alright this year and that nothing is her fault…and to be honest i am scared for her and everybody around me…too