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Chakra Specialist Kimberley has 2 phyiscal locations both located in southern califorina. She has helped hunderds of people and has expand her business mobile. Purchasing a service with Kimberley will bring much light and knowledge to your life. She is very honest and will offer advice in all and every reading. She will not only make you feel better with the knowledge she tells all good, bad, and whatever she feels nessacary. If your intrested in knowing anything further today ring her line for a stress free tomorrow. DISCLAIMER Kimberley does not offer free questions or readings thanks again!

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Chakra Specialist Kimberley is a qualified psychic and is certified with The Berkeley Psychic Institution.


Kimberley Ann has had many years of experience professionally. She is a natrual born psychic meaning she has always had this amazing gift from early childhood. She always was aware of what she wanted to do which was always to help people with an insight she can provide.

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