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Any changes with me and my partner?

4 months ago

07/13/1981 05/02/1972 I really love him a lot I just wonder how he feels about me and I’m not willing to give up on him I want to be there to support him as much as I can even though we both facing money problems I just hope things will change soon and get better for me and him will it?

4 months ago
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lana rose (psychiclana)

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hello my darling my love readings are 25 dollars for 45 minutes any time not used can be saved and used again until your time credit reaches 0 iam very connected to your situation call me !

4 months ago

Hello, Let me look into spirit and see his thoughts through spirit and give you full insight and more On line now .I will give you the truth and you won’t have to wonder. Blessings

4 months ago
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come to me for help