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I had MULtIPlE readings from MULTIPl3 psychics on this site &: what I can’t seem to understand is why do it seem as if they just take your money and tell you whatever . I’ve had psychics on this site tell me they seen me moving by a certain date but when that date came nothing happened .months passed and still nothing happened . I had a psychic tell me she my best friend caught his girl in bed with another man when I asked him about it he said nothing like that ever happened when I confronted another psychic about it: they also confirmed nothing like that happened I’ve spent money gotten nothing back in return so what I want to know is where’ is there a psychic on this site that won’t steal your money then feed your head w: a bunch of false information. I have questions that i want answered and I don’t want to keep spending wasting money until I know i found someone that’s telling nothing but FACTS and TRUE things.

about 1 year ago

Try Christine (xtine). Crazy accurate on many topics I have asked her about.